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Virtual Styling

$70 per month (3 month minimum)
Your New Online Closet
Cost per month $40

Virtual Closet

Welcome to your new online wardrobe! This is where you can easily see everything in your closet (no matter where you are) and have outfits put together with a few clicks. I will send you shopping suggestions that you can purchase online, and then I incorporate those pieces into outfits for you with other clothes you already own. Virtual Styling is broken down into 3 sections: Finds, Lookbook and Closet which I explain below. 


Items I find for you from any retailer. Based on what you need and your budget, you can buy my recommendations with a click of a button. 


Here are the complete outfits that I put together for you with the clothes that you currently own and/or with new items I will find for you. 


Here are the clothes and accessories that you already own. When you upload them here, I can use them to create different looks for you in the Lookbook.

This service includes:

  • 10 styled outfits that are perfect for your lifestyle and that match your personal style with items you currently own.

  • 10 styled outfits with items that I find for you that are perfect for your lifestyle, match your personal style and that work with your current wardrobe. 

  • 2 new outfits styled each month following.

  • Any other needed shopping recommendations. 

*Prework is required. You will need to upload photos of your clothing. 

Get started by contacting me. 

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-Ana W., Insurance Agent

Maria helped me come out of my repetitive outfit shell.  For years I would wear the same style of pants in black or grey with a solid color t-shirt.  The closet consultation helped me evaluate everything in my wardrobe leaving a variety to choose from that I didn’t know I had.  The look book helped me put the outfits together so I don’t have to think about combinations.  I feel much more confident and can now say that I enjoy fashion.

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