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Spring Style Advice from An Expert

Retail and online stores roll out new clothing options for you every spring. There are always new colors and prints to get excited about. Styles will change, and you may be excited to try a new look. All you have to do is browse and when you spot something you like, press the purchase button on your screen or pull out your credit card and get ready to feel refreshed. However, it’s not always as easy as that. Women have concerns or issues they’re working on, and they have sound reasons to hesitate before shopping. Let’s see if you can relate. One person says: I’ve really let myself go. If I’m honest, I haven’t shopped for myself in a few years. Now I’m tired of just getting by. I see my friends having fun with fashion, but I don’t even know where to start. My advice: When you haven’t shopped for yourself in years, shopping can definitely feel overwhelming. My advice is to keep your expectations low. Focus on buying just one outfit. Before you buy that one outfit, do a little homework. Pay attention to what your fashionable friends are wearing. Is there a look that you like? Consider colors you enjoy wearing. Fashion’s purpose is to please you. Let yourself imagine what that might be before you step into a store or buy online. Another person says: I’ve lost some weight, but I’m afraid to buy new clothes in case I gain it all back again. I’m not even sure how I’d shop for myself now. How would I begin to identify styles that work with my new shape? My advice: It’s hard to trust yourself when you’re in the early stages of weight maintenance. Focus on buying a few items that will mix and match together. An example of that would be to shop for two bottoms, three tops, and a piece of outwear or a blazer that will work well together. Stores often organize their merchandise in a way that makes it easy to see what will go together. Working with a professional wardrobe consultant would be a great idea. If you’re shopping on your own, give yourself plenty of time and shop on a weekday. Look for a salesperson with a friendly vibe. Tell her the truth: you’re getting used to your new body shape and may need help to get the proper fit. Let her show you some possibilities. Don’t purchase anything unless you absolutely love it. This is how you begin to trust yourself. A woman says: I’m back in the dating scene and so out of touch about what would get me noticed. I read somewhere that I should wear bright colors, and another source said to tone it down so as not to appear too desperate. What do I do? Here’s my advice: I believe it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone even if it’s just a little bit. But you also want to feel comfortable in your own skin, so a complete makeover may not be for you. You want to bring your best self to that first coffee shop, or restaurant meet up. If it doesn’t go anywhere, you can walk away feeling confident that it wasn’t meant to be. Focus on bringing attention to your face. You can do that with one of spring’s colors: a pretty coral, lavender or a cobalt blue, as long as it favors your skin tone. You know how some colors can be blah on you while others make you look more alive? Go for more alive! Earrings and a necklace or scarf will bring brightness to your face. There are many accessory choices that will help you feel vibrant. Take care to wear makeup colors that flatter your coloring. I’ve helped women address every one of these concerns. Fashion and style are tools to help you feel confident. I’d love to provide solutions for you so you can go into spring secure in your look. Give me a call, and we’ll get started.

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