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How to Use Accessories to Convey Your Business Message

When it comes to your brand, you do all you can to be sure you are sending a clear message. The way you conduct your business carries you part way there, but your appearance has a huge impact and is particularly important. How well are you personally captivating the attention of your ideal clients? Do they encounter you and get an instant sense of your commitment and professionalism? Are you giving them every reason to say yes to your business?

There’s a lot of pressure to stand out from your competition and give the right impression. There are tools at your fingertips—ones you may not be utilizing yet. I am here to share ideas that are both effective and easy to implement.

One way to convey a positive message about your brand is through the accessories that you carry in your business tote or handbag. These are items you pull out and use several times a day. A businesswoman consistently uses the color indigo blue in all her printed materials, website design and training manuals. She wears the color as often as possible as it is synonymous with her brand. It’s also important that your business tote or handbag itself look professional and in good condition.

She discovered a leather company that specialized in high quality accessories. She purchased four items in that same indigo blue: a wallet, an appointment book, a pen and pencil case, and a glasses case. Every time she pulls out one of these items, she reinforces her brand presence. She communicates quality service and attention to detail with the quality accessories in her business color. It is a great visual tool that works for her throughout the day.

The way that you accessorize your outfits at work also says a lot about your style and personality. What are you wearing in addition to your blouses/shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants or skirts? You can use jewelry to convey style and bring focus to your face. One professional woman wears a trio of necklaces that either sits on top of her sweater or is visible inside the collar of her blouse. Why a trio of necklaces? Because three of them in a similar length makes more of a statement than a simple strand of pearls or thin chain would. For her, a bold costume jewelry statement necklace would send the wrong message. At work, she wants to standout but in a more conservative way. Her trio of necklaces that relate to each other without matching gives her a unique signature look. It’s something she can easily wear most days of the week. Consistency sends a positive message about her work ethic. To do this yourself, choose the best metal for your complexion. Creating presence near your neck will bring people’s attention to your face.

Your communication center is your face. You can help shape communication through eyewear. Whether you use prescription glasses or readers, the right eyewear is a powerful tool. The right frames will convey your style, send a professional message, help you appear friendly or approachable, or simply to enhance your features.

Here’s an example of using eyewear to align with your objectives. A client needed prescription eyewear. She was concerned that new frames would look trendy, which would go against her desire to win trust. Looking modern was important to her as well as being approachable. She was happy to learn that her eyewear could help her send those messages.

This client is a natural blond. By choosing frames in a color that related to her hair color, she was naturally drawing more attention to her face. Her frames were a slightly grayed taupe, sending a message that was approachable and friendly, authentic and not trendy. This conscious choice to wear frames that related to her personal coloring strengthened her message instantly.

Would you like help finding ways to convey your business message through accessories that align beautifully with your goals? It’s a tool you shouldn’t overlook. I’d love to help you do this. All these ‘little’ things you do can add up to a powerful business presence. Give me a call and I’ll help you send the right message.

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