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How to Update Your Wardrobe

Do you ever wonder if people think you’re older than you really are? While some pieces in your wardrobe may be outstanding, other items have the word “matronly” written all over them. Let’s find where these culprits live and get them out of your wardrobe.

Updating Staples

When fit is on your side, you will be looking fabulous no matter your age. An easy way to shed some matronly years is to update your t-shirts. Trade in the too short tees, the been-through-the-dryer-too-many-times tees, and the low-quality cotton ones. Swap those culprits for t-shirts that are longer, are made from a finer knit, and have a smooth, dressier finish. Updating this basic staple will instantly modernize and refresh your wardrobe.

Add Details

You may be adding years to your image by playing it safe with a conservative, too plain look. You want others to find you interesting, right? A sure way to do that is to make your outfit interesting. So steer clear of a too predictable conservative outfit like an ivory sweater set, black trousers, sensible black shoes with a matching handbag.

Try adding some age-defying accessories to create more definition to your look such as a colorful printed scarf. Adding a signature-draping necklace or cinching your waistline with an interesting detailed belt will break up the simplicity of an outfit.

Experiment with Color

If you’re wearing a neutral-colored cardigan, wear a bold-colored blouse underneath or try and wear a leopard print cardigan over a neutral-colored blouse. Other places to add color can be in gloves, hats or handbags. If you’re not into a lot of color, go for texture. Underneath a clean lined blazer, add a blouse with ruffles. Check out some pleating details in dress shirts or skirts.

Not Your Right Jeans

There are jeans out on the racks (and maybe in your closet) that could be making you look matronly. If you possess jeans that don’t make your body look great, then it’s time to invest in a great pair or two. A great pair of jeans is a perfect way to add more youthfulness to your wardrobe. Try many pairs and styles on and find ones that compliment your shape. Give me a call, and I will go with you!

Shoes: Fashionable and Comfortable

Look down at your feet. Are they getting the attention they deserve? Have you spoiled them with tennis shoes or clogs? There are more solutions out there. Shoe designers know we don’t love walking in heels or stiff dress shoes all day and there are now many stylish and comfortable options. They’ve put design efforts into creating flats, heels and boots that feel nearly as comfy as sneakers while adding fashion details.

Banning the Granny-anything

Maybe someone in your life calls you grandma but nothing in your wardrobe should say “granny.”

Granny panty-lines are a no-no. Full brief underwear is okay unless the lines are visible on the outside of your clothing. To avoid this, try seamless underwear or be brave and try some thongs.

Any sweater that could be mistaken for a quilt or an afghan is too close to being a granny sweater. Remove it from your closet immediately and replace it with a finer knit sweater, which will look more elegant and refined.

Safe and Natural Solutions

We all want to drink from the fountain of youth, but until we find that miracle water, pay attention to what we can do to look great at any age. This is paying attention to what you want your outfit to say about yourself. Instead of matronly or tired we want to be described with more attractive adjectives such as sophisticated, stylish, thoughtful.

If you need help finding your personal style, I am a phone call away.

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