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How to Replace Black and Bring New Colors into Your Wardrobe

You’ve seen these fashion headlines: “Find Your Perfect Little Black Dress” or “Basic Black Makes Basic Sense” or “Feeling Chubby? Wear Black!” Don’t believe everything you read. It would be wise to explore whether the color black really is the answer to everything.

Maybe it’s time to authorize a moratorium on black and give yourself a chance to lighten or brighten up. Are you ready to take the color plunge? Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you tired of only bringing black garments into your dressing room? Was black once edgy and exciting to you but now it’s dull and boring? Are you fed up with blending in and now you’re ready to make a statement? Has black been your ‘go to’ color for decades but now it’s appearing to make you look older and more tired?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time to dip into some new color options. The first step is to find colors that resonate with you. You could start with colors that relate to your skin, hair, or eye tone. Or, let yourself fall in love with a brand new color, one your wardrobe has never seen. I want this to be a fun process. Here are some ideas to get you exploring.

Color inspiration

Home decorating magazines are a great way to discover new hues. The exquisitely photographed rooms usually have great color schemes. Sometimes they revolve around one hue but then they’ll add accent colors that make everything look fabulous. Rip out the pages that inspire you.

Paint palettes found at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Benjamin Moore are available for free. These companies create brochures with color collections in mind. You’re sure to walk out with some new ideas that will have you excited about looking for those colors in clothes.

Look around your house. What colors pop out at you? Are they in your favorite coffee mug, a print rug, or patterned table linens? Maybe they’re in your favorite painting. Someone was paid a lot of money to design that color combination you love. Why not capitalize on their efforts and consider wearing some of those colors in a new outfit.

Dipping a toe into color

Are you still clutching to your idea that black is the only color that works for you? Then start small by adding pops of color in accessories. Bracelets, beaded necklaces, and bags are places to start your new color collection. Scarves anytime of year are a great way to add color. If you don’t want to wear one around your neck, tie the colorful scarf around your handbag for a fun detail.

Wading in color

Ready to take color to the next level? Find a blouse in a new hue and pair it with a jacket and pant. May I suggest something in French blue, jade green, soft yellow or rosy pink? Or brighten up taupe, khaki, or black basics by adding a jacket in a vibrant color like violet, coral, sunflower yellow, or sky blue.

Making a big splash with color

Ready to dive into color headfirst? Try pairing interesting color combos together. Try a cropped pewter grey jacket with a lemon-lime blouse or a turquoise blouse paired with white linen pants and a navy blue boyfriend jacket. Heading for a cocktail party? Wear ruby red or sapphire blue instead of your black dress.

Do you need color assistance?

Need some help staying afloat in the sea of color? Let me help. Getting out of a color rut can be very challenging. You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s find the right color mix for your wardrobe. I can’t wait for you to enjoy the benefits that color brings!

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