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Feel Confident While Wearing White

Have you shied away from wearing white? Although you see it in stores, maybe you associate it with a sterile look. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m here to suggest that a white top, bottom, or jacket could freshen up your wardrobe immediately. There are a few things to consider when wearing white in single pieces or head-to-toe. Let me provide a few pointers to make you feel more comfortable. In no time you could be having fun with a color that you’ve overlooked for years.

Invest in undergarments that match your skin tone. You’re going to want to wear a bra, tank, or panties in a disappearing color so nothing colorful peeks through the white garments you’re wearing. No polka dot, magenta or turquoise underwear. Avoid lace, patterned or textured underwear of any kind, and definitely avoid wearing white undergarments.

Wearing a white suit can be dramatic and elegant. For a chic, dressed down look, wear casual pieces like white jeans with a white blouse. It’s a simple way to make a confident statement. Next: add shoes. Metallic or buff-colored shoes will keep the elegant vibe alive or go with accent colors like red or turquoise to add a pop.

White blouses, dresses, or jackets are perfect backdrops for dynamic statement necklaces. Think of the drama of being in an art gallery and viewing a painting hung on a white wall. Copy that plan. Wear artistic or eye-catching necklaces against your white background. This is your opportunity to pull out bold vintage necklaces, sparkly, colorful glass beads, or try layering multiple necklaces.

White can seem like a bold choice with worries over dirt showing. Look at the care instructions of the pieces you purchase. Are they machine washable? If they are, this will give you some security. So will coated fabrics. Purchase handbags, boots or shoes in patent leather for easy cleaning.

Take fashion cues from people who favor head-to-toe black ensembles. What makes an all-black outfit interesting is a mix of textures. You can do the same with white separates. Wear a nubby white knit sweater with a thin-wale corduroy pant or frayed jean. Or wear a ruffled white blouse with a white jacquard pencil skirt. Start your collection of white separates so you can have fun mixing and matching.

Don’t limit your fashion choices to white cotton. Look for items in eyelet, bouclé, seersucker, velvet, leather, knit, lace, cut-outs or embroidery. Once you put white on your radar you’ll see all kinds of possibilities.

If you want to start wearing more white, here are some easy pieces to introduce into your wardrobe.

1. A white shirt can be oversized or have interesting details like tucks, different lengths from front to back, or flared sleeves.

2. White jeans and flared white trousers will give you starting points for casual or dressed up outfits.

3. White booties, sneakers, or slip ons are popular shoe choices right now. Getting into white shoes will give your wardrobe an instant lift.

4. White jackets or coats are sublime. It’s not something you see as often as basic black, tan, or navy. Consider looking for a white denim jacket to throw over any print tee, top, or dress. A white outer piece is a great grab and go wardrobe staple.

5. White cashmere sweaters will lighten up a winter outfit and white cotton or linen sweaters are easy to throw on in the summer over pants or skirts.

Having a few white pieces in your wardrobe will extend your outfit choices and add radiance to your look. I’d love to help you work with this color whether it means adding a piece or two to your wardrobe or creating head-to-toe looks. Give me a call, and we’ll set up an appointment to find just the right, white pieces!

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