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Choose to Be Visible

Do you ever walk into a room full of people and feel like no one even sees you? Did people regularly acknowledge you in the past but now you feel overlooked? It may seem like you’re suddenly invisible, which can make you feel isolated and lonely.

You can change that perception and get the acknowledgment you deserve. Being visible is simpler than you think. Here are some ways to make a lasting impression and come back into focus.

1. Create color or texture impact in your outfits. Blend similar hues within an outfit, create blocks of color in your outfit or use a mix of textures in one color to create interest in your outfit.

2. Define your eyebrow line. Shape them and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil in your color. This line frames and brings attention to your face.

3. Add dimension to your hair color with lowlights or highlights. Or ask your hair stylist for products that will add shine to your hair. You may be in need of a style change. If so, ask your stylist to add some angles or give you a more modern shape.

4. Be sure your jewelry relates to one another. Wear earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and rings that blend well together or repeat a theme. For example, one day you might wear a more classic style of jewelry and on another day wear more artistic pieces. Working within a theme helps you create more presence.

5. Wear clothing that has interesting details. For example, a jacket could have interesting buttons, a blouse could have ruffles, or a classic blazer is made out of a special fabric.

6. Pick something you love and make it your signature. It could be wearing red lipstick, a man’s watch, or maybe you’re known for your scarf collection. Choose it and wear it every day.

7. Wear quality fabrics. Cheap fabrics bring the wrong attention. Upgrading your clothing items to the next level of quality makes a big difference in your overall look.

8. Wear an item or two in your outfit that has shine, glimmer, sparkle, or luster. This could be a top worn under a blazer, a handbag in a metallic finish, or patent leather ballet flats or a belt in a shiny, fun color.

9. Don’t go for ordinary shoes. Look for shoes that relate to your outfit but have their own character too.

10. Wear a smile and be ready to engage with others.

I would love to help you come out of the shadows and get noticed for the wonderful person you are. I am ready to help you make that impact. Give me a call!

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