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Bring Energy to Your Spring Wardrobe

When spring flowers start to peep out of the ground, and bare tree branches produce fresh green leaves, take notice: The beauty of spring and the freedom of summer are about to expand your senses. And just in time: Aren’t you so ready to shed your winter coat, show a patch of skin, and wear something that matches the exuberance of the season.

I’m here with a few bold ideas. Ready?

Big/bold frames

Make a change with your shades. A bigger sunglass frame can shout out the season change for you. Make it fresh and more fun than a simple black or brown pair.

Look for frames that flatter your face shape. Maybe they have checks or flowers or maybe pick a pair in one of your favorite colors that makes you happy. Sure, you can go for a bold, square-framed black pair, but just think how fun it would be to wear a frame in green, or yellow, or pink?

Do you want more of a glamerous vibe to your sunglasses? Crystals or gemstones on your frames are the ones for you! If you need help finding a pair that’s perfect for your face, give me a call! I’m happy to go shopping with you.


I bet you’re ready to swap out your black or brown bag for something lighter and fresher this season.

A bigger bag allows you to carry everything you need and if you’re worried about it weighing you down find a bag in lightweight materials like mesh, netting crochet, or raffia. Don’t overstuff it. Pretend it’s a little bag and just carry your essentials.

Try a bag in multiple colors, or a fun material, a cool pattern, or a solid color you love that compliments your wardrobe. You can go for any mood you want. What makes you happy?


Another place to add exuberance is with bows. You can go dainty and wear a flat shoe with bow detail, or you can wear a dress and add a large bow to the waistline. It’s all in the details. Buy a dress, blouse, or skirt that has a bow detail attached, or take one of your clothing pieces from last year and add on your own bow. Go to a fabric store and choose an extra-wide ribbon or pick out one of your narrow scarves and make a bow with it.

These are three easy examples of adding something with that exuberant feel of the season. But if you feel unsure of yourself, then I am here to help. Give me a call, and we’ll find perfect ways to bring energy to your spring wardrobe and to bring out your personal style.

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