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10 Reasons to Work with an Image Consultant

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Hiring an image consultant used to be for the very wealthy or movie stars. Today, more and more people are turning to the expertise of image consultants to look and feel their best. Not only is it much more affordable today, but there are many more of us in this profession. Below are some reasons to consider hiring an image consultant. It will end up saving you time, money and looking your best.

1. Are you unhappy with the effects of aging on the body? Guess who can show you how to use clothes, accessories and makeup techniques to turn the clock back? Image consultants are the magicians of non-surgical ways for you to look younger and more fit.

2. Instead of using only 10% - 20% of your wardrobe, you could be using 100% with the help of an image consultant. Hire a professional who will edit your closet and leave you with items that fit, flatter, and express qualities about yourself that you’re proud to share with the world.

3. Do you need to freshen up your wardrobe but hate to shop? An image consultant will make this easy! We select items that you never thought to try on. You’ll end up with a wardrobe that exceeds your expectations. When we take care of this for you, you get to completely forget about clothes and go through your days and weeks with confidence.

4. Your cost-per-wear on purchases goes way down when your consultant can show you 5 amazing ways to wear a new jacket and 15 ways to wear a pair of pants.

5. Are you worried about age discrimination in the job force? Image consultants are the next in line to call after a recruiter. An image consultant knows how to help you be the person who will fit into a younger culture just by the right wardrobe selections.

6. The confidence of knowing you’re dressed appropriately for your work life pays off in improved work performance and gets you noticed by people who have the power to advance your career.

7. Are you worried about money? Do you think you can’t buy new things? An image consultant can help you refresh your wardrobe using the clothes you already have. And if we discover that you’re missing a few key items, we can efficiently help you shop for them.

8. Are you entering the dating scene? If you’re looking to move on in your love life, an image consultant can help you take those first baby steps into your new dating life. You’ll look like a woman of power who, by the way, happens to be single and available. And if you’re looking to add romance to your marriage, we can help you do that too!

9. Do you have family heirlooms that you store away in drawers? If you don’t wear them now, when will you? An image consultant can help you create outfits that showcase Aunt Julia’s broach, your mother’s handbag, or your grandmother’s Hermès scarf collection. Wearing what they left for you is the way to honor their legacy.

10. Confused about what colors look best on you? An image consultant experienced in color can show you what best compliments your hair, eyes and skin tone to make you look your best. Having a color coordinated wardrobe will also make it easier to mix and match your clothing.

Does image consulting cure all your problems? Of course not. But looking good and feeling great about yourself on a daily basis helps you get through the ups and downs of life. Don’t put yourself and your personal needs on hold for one more day. When you greet each day with confidence, just think of the opportunities that could come your way! Give me a call and we’ll set up an appointment.

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